Learning Facilitators Get Ready and Go

Six Thinking Hats



  • Provide an on-demand learning platform to allow potential learning facilitators / educators to learn the 5 Saturdays program and the domain focused content.
  • Evaluate the topics sequencing to ensure LF / educators can take the courses and show progress via the learning management system (LMS) platform.
  • Show / provide evidence that the LF / educators participated in a minimum of four (4) of the seven (7) Saturdays workshops.




  • Receive a certificate as a 5 Saturdays Certified Agile Learning Facilitator

Start with Onboarding the learning Facilitator

Start by enrolling in the Learning Facilitator Readiness course

Module 1 Learning Facilitator (LF) Leads the 5 Saturdays Workshops
Unit 1 Learning Facilitator Onboarding
Unit 2 Learning Facilitator Servant Leader
Unit 3 Learning Facilitator Empathy and Understanding
Unit 4 Learning Facilitator Starting a Community Pod
Unit 5 Learning Facilitators Preparing to Learn
Unit 6 Leading the 5 Saturdays Workshop
Module 2 Serious Games
Unit 1 Serious Games Introduction
Unit 2 Serious Games - Indian Stick
Unit 3 Serious Games - Ball Point Game
Unit 4 Serious Games - 12 Circles
Unit 5 Serious Games - Penny Game
Unit 6 Serious Games - Lean Coffee
Unit 7 Serious Games - Pains and Gains
Unit 8 Serious Games - Weather Report
Unit 9 Serious Games - Fishbowl Conversation
Unit 10 Serious Games Knowledge Evaluation

Now Let's Focus on the Career Development Courses

Continual Learning Journey Map

Own what you want to learn.  Define what you want to learn and verify if you achieved what you wanted to learn. The Continual Learn Journey Map (CLJM) and Continual Learning Review and Action (CLRA) canvas is tool to help you to self-organize your learning desires.

Career Develop - Job Readiness and Effective Communications

Tell your story with a resume.  Learn the skills to be effective in a job or college entrance interview.  This is a must have skill if you are seeking a job.  Good communications skills are priceless.

Facilitate Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of the business world.  In this course you will learn how to validate a business idea prior investing time and money without knowing there are customers willing to pay for your innovation.  The concepts in this course is based on the lean startup framework and lean business canvas that has transformed how to validate startup companies.  The second part of the course introduces the financial skills needed to run a business.

Lead the Agile Software Development Workshop

Learn the foundations of coding using MIT Scratch and Python to lead the Agile Software Development workshop.

Learn the Agile Scrum Foundations

Learn the foundations of the Agile Scrum practice.  The concepts introduced in this course is based on the Scrum Guide.

Agile Retrospective Techniques

The Agile retrospective is a practice used by teams to reflect on the present way of working and to continually improve how they work and collaborate.