Job Readiness, Resume Building, and Interview Skills

Speed Interviewing

The job readiness & effective communications learning experience provides the basic skills to develop a resume and techniques for a job or college entrance interview.  The key to a successful interview is being prepared.  The only way that you will be able to complete a 10k race successfully is to practice and be prepared.  Competition for jobs and college entrance is high and your success is dependent on how well you prepare for each interview and the quality content of your resume.

The core learning experiences of this module includes the following:

  • Resume purpose
  • Resume sections
  • Resume development planning using Kanban Board
  • Effective communications:
    • Handshake
    • Eye contact
    • Listening skills
    • Elevator speech
    • Gestures
  • Retrospective
  • Speed Interviewing

With each Lesson, you incrementally learn new techniques.  At the conclusion of this learning experience the students are equipped with the skills needed to develop a resume and perform at a high level during a job or college entrance interview.

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Module 1 Resume Development, The Handshake, and Facial Expressions
Unit 1 Planning your resume with Kanban  
Unit 2 Resume Writing - Contact Information  
Unit 3 Resume Writing - Education  
Unit 4 Resume Writing - Objective / Summary  
Module 2 Listening Skills
Unit 1 Listening Skills Introduction  
Unit 2 Resume Writing - Objectives  
Unit 3 Resume Writing - Your Experiences  
Unit 4 Communications  
Unit 5 Active Listening  
Unit 6 Intentional Listening  
Module 3 Elevator Pitch
Unit 1 Job Search and Resume Review  
Unit 2 Elevator Pitch Introduction  
Unit 3 Practice Your Elevator Pitch  
Module 4 Body Language and Gestures
Unit 1 Resume Review  
Unit 2 Gestures  
Unit 3 Pulling It All Together  
Unit 4 JREC Survey