Agile Software Development Introduction Course

5 Saturdays STEAM Program Students Coding Photo

The Scratch, Python, and TDD course prepares professionals and students to lead science, technology, engineering, agile, and math (STEAM) learning experiences locally and globally aimed at students experiencing limited hope and educational opportunities.  The aim of this course is to equip students with coding skills.

Module 1 Agile Software Development Introduction
Unit 1 ASD-M1 Software Development Introduction  
Unit 2 ASD-M1.2 Create Scratch Project  
Unit 3 ASD-M1.3 Create Hello World  
Module 2 M2 Control Structures
Unit 1 ASD-2.1 Control Structures (IF Statement)  
Unit 2 ASD-3.1 Control Structures (Loop Statement)  
Module 3 FizzBuzz Coding Activity
Unit 1 ASD-4.1 FizzBuzz Activity  
Unit 2 ASD-4.2 FizzBuzz Simulation  
Unit 3 ASD-5.1 FizzBuzz Modulus Activity  
Unit 4 ASD-5.2 FizzBuzz Modulus Simulation  
Module 4 Coding with Pyton
Unit 1 ASD-6.1 Coding with Python  
Module 5 Github Code Repository Introduction
Unit 1 ASD-8.1 Github Repo  
Module 6 Cyber Security Overtview
Unit 1 ASD-9.1 Cybersecurity Overview  
Module 7 Machine Learning Overview
Unit 1 ASD-10.1 Machine Learning Overview  
Module 8 Additional References
Unit 1 ASD-12.1 References  
Module 9 Course Survey and Certificate
Unit 1 Introduction to Agile Software Development Survey and Certificate