Students Experience

Students experience learning in a collaborative and project-based environment. They are exposed to careers in technology and business and provided learning experiences in Agile topics such as Scrum, which can be used to tackle complex projects. These are important skills that can help students now and in the future. Additional life skills are taught, such as creative and critical thinking, effective communications, and agility using Scrum and Kanban.

The “What’s in it for me” (WIIFM) describes the benefits and value received by students in the 5 Saturdays program.

Students WIIFM

  • Fun and professional environment to learn life skills
  • Scrum training worth between $1,000 and $1,400
  • Information Technology and/or business craft hands-on experience
  • 25 hours of coaching by industry professionals
  • Associate Agility Team Leader certification
  • Apply skills immediately to:
    • List as a skill on your college application and resume
    • Plan a community project with your friends and family
    • Use to plan school projects
  • Future opportunity to earn between $70,000 and $150,000 ***

*** Requires hands-on experience and additional training to achieve this goal


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Module 1 Lean Creative Thinking by 5 Saturdays
The 5 Saturdays lean creative thinking is a pathway for innovation through the art of storytelling. I believe we were born with the ability to think creatively. Most of us can apply creative thinking to situations that require our imagination to look at many possible answers over one. Creative thinking leads to innovative ideas that are the results of brainstorming individually or with a team of people. Narrated by: Dr. Dave Cornelius
Unit 1 Lean Creative Thinking  
Module 2 Critical Thinking with Agility by 5 Saturdays
In our time together, we will discuss critical thinking with agility a practice to help teams experience collaborative and project-based learning.
Unit 1 Critical Thinking with Agility Content  
Module 3 Agility with Scrum by 5 Saturdays
The 5 Saturdays Agility with Scrum workshop provide a learning experience in the agile Scrum practice. You will learn what Scrum is and see how students are using the practice at the 5 Saturdays student workshop.
Unit 1 Agility with Scrum Content  
Module 4 Introduction to Software Development with Alice by 5 Saturdays
The Introduction to Software Development Concepts with Alice 5 to enable you to lead the 5 Saturdays workshops and help students and facilitators learn basic software development concepts.
Unit 1 Introduction to Software Development Concepts with Alice Content