“I got to work in a lot of groups, and it was the first time that I ever had this experience.” – Sahuaro Male Student

“I learned that everyone has something to bring to the table. You can take an idea and make something
out of it if you put your mind to it.” – Sahuaro Male Student

Mentoring Students“I got a lot of experience out of it. I learned so many new things. The coding, the business ideas, and I
really feel like it gave me confidence.” – Sahuaro Male Student

six thinking hats image“I did not want to participate originally because I thought this program would be like school. But it wasn't! It was fun AND I learned A LOT.” – California Student

Boys & Girls Club Orange County“I learned so much that I thought I wouldn’t learn.” – Sahuaro Female Student

“I learned how to communicate effectively with people in a group.  How to build a resume and programming.” – Sahuaro Male Student

“They taught me a lot of stuff that I would not learn in school and I am really thankful for that.” – Tucson High Male Student

Fatima_Tammy_Valeria_DrDave“I think it is a great opportunity for them to evolve into a different dynamic that they would not learn in school among their peers, the teachers.” – Tucson High Mom

“5 Saturdays is what high school should be like.” – Early College High School Female Student

“I learned a lot of leadership skills as well as to work better as a team.” – Sahuaro Male Student