Continual Learning Journey Map and Value Review

Purpose: Help learners discover new knowledge and experiences by identifying interest, acknowledge receipt of knowledge, and determine application to one’s well-being.


  • Shu Ha Ri Learning Journey
  • Continual Learning Journey Map (CLJM)
  • Learning behaviors
  • Continual Learning Review and Actions (CLRA)
Module 1 Continual Learning Journey Map (CLJM)
Unit 1 CLJM and CLRA  

Continual Learning Journey Map

The continual learning journey map (CLJM) is designed to help students be aware of their learning journey and to make decisions on what is important to their learning experience.

Continual Learning Review and Actions

The continual learning review and actions (CLRA) map help people during their learning journey to acquire new knowledge by validating receipt of the new knowledge pursued, describing what challenged the experience, and what can be done to satisfy future learning outcomes.