Lean Business Startup and Innovation


Building a business is hard work.  When you start the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and make the decision to build something from nothing, at first the excitement of doing something new can lead you to make poor choices.  The life of an entrepreneur is not easy.  Looking from the outside you may think it is so much fun to be in charge, but the reality is that you are in charge and responsible for the business success.

People often come up with business ideas that may appear to be a can’t miss opportunity, however, they are just hypothesizing without evidence that the business idea will actually work.  Don’t get discouraged! This course is designed to help you  verify that your business idea will attract paying customers.  If your business idea does not attract prospects to buy your product or services, STOP and change directions!


Welcome to the Lean Business Startup and innovation course.  You will use the Lean Business Canvas to describe your business opportunity and identify paying customers to help you and your business thrive.  You will have the opportunity to interview prospects (potentials customers) about their interest in your products or services.  Don’t get discouraged or impatient with this process, it will save you lots of money and time.  Trust me, you will reflect and say, I am glad that I used the Lean Business Canvas to describe my business opportunity and identify paying customers to help my business thrive.

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Module 1 What is a business?
Unit 1 What is a business?  
Unit 2 Customers’ Jobs to be Done  
Module 2 Discover the Big Idea (Problem Worth Solving)
Unit 1 Develop Your Business Idea  
Unit 2 LBSI Jobs to be Done and Personas  
Unit 3 Sample Lean Canvas  
Module 3 Techniques to Evaluate the Big Idea (Problem Worth Solving)
Unit 1 Six Thinking Hats to evaluate the problem and your idea  
Unit 2 Lean Business Canvas Review and Unique Value Proposition  
Module 4 Define Customer Segments
Unit 1 Customer Segments – Potential Customers  
Unit 2 Interview Potential Customers  
Unit 3 Collect Data From Your Customer Interviews  
Unit 4 Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  
Module 5 Identify How You Will Make Money
Unit 1 Value Stream Introduction  
Unit 2 Sales Channel  
Unit 3 Revenue Streams and Monetization Models  
Unit 4 Journey Cycles Lean Business Canvas  
Module 6 Define the Costs to Run Your Business
Unit 1 Cost Structures  
Unit 2 Measuring Your Business Success  
Unit 3 Unique Advantage  
Unit 4 Mission Statement  
Unit 5 5 Saturdays Entrepreneur Survey