ZCF Students and Learning Facilitators

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…July 11, 2019…WHITTIER, CALIF….Students from Zoe Christian Fellowship (ZCF) recently started the 5 Saturdays summer workshop, which introduced them to Agile principles, lean business, and technology, including skills to develop websites. This is the first year at ZCF in the six-year history of the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.  Eight industry professionals will serve as the Learning Facilitators and mentors.

Bishop Ed Smith said “5 Saturdays is off to a wonderful start!  I am looking forward to building a sustainable program in the future. “

“We are committed to sharing Agile and Scrum life practices, as well as technology and business skills with students. The 5 Saturdays leadership wants students to build personal confidence and succeed, so we focus on having students discover and use their individual power and leadership skills. It is exciting to see students take ownership of lifelong learning”, said Dr. Dave Cornelius, founder of the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.

The 5 Saturdays STEAM program offers scholarships to students accepted into a college to study in a STEAM field. Students must attend the 5 Saturdays STEAM program one year as a student and one year as a Learning Facilitator to be eligible for the scholarship drawing.

Robbie Smith, Leader of 5 Saturdays ZCF, said: “It has been an exciting journey launching the 5 Saturdays at ZCF.  From having great facilitators to a supportive ZCF environment and staff, the students have received and will continue to receive, invaluable training in Business, Technology and Job Readiness.   With fun exercises and games incorporated, I know this program will have a positive impact on the student’s lives in the future.”

About 5 Saturdays

Started in 2013, ZCF, Costa Mesa- and Tucson-based 5 Saturdays focus on opening the door for underserved students to a career in information technology and business. Students learn in a collaborative and project-based environment and are exposed to concepts such as Kanban and user stories that they can use right away to tackle homework or community service activities, and in the future as they move on to college and a career. Knowledge sharing is done by industry professionals, coaches, and trainers, who donate their time and serve as learning facilitators and mentors. For more information, visit www.5Saturdays.org.